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Our Vision
A socially-economically empowered society.
Our Mission
To provide integrated financial products for a socially and economically empowered society.
Core Values


Exhibited through our attitude, behavior and communication to each other and our customers/stakeholders. We view our work as a “calling”’ and not a “job”. We find purpose in our daily tasks that’s greater than just a paycheck. We conduct ourselves with etiquette and follow the Golden Rule of treating others as we would like to be treated.


We owe allegiance to the highest ethical and moral standards. Our relationships with (customers, stakeholders, investors) are based on integrity and honesty.

Creativity and Innovation

We are agile and move swiftly with the latest trends thus maximizing output in service to our customers and deriving utmost returns to our stakeholders and investors.

Team work and collaboration

We watch out for one another and practice the golden rule of being our brother’s keeper.

Respect, dignity and Commitment

to each other-Respect for each other, stakeholders and customers.


We are proactively improving our internal processes in tandem with latest technological advancements so as to enhance our service delivery to our esteemed customers and stakeholders

About Us

A world of Wonderful Credit Solutions

Wonderfulpeople believes in the potential of its customers to turn around the worst of situations into wonderful inventions and innovations. Wonderfulpeople focuses on empowering socio-economically marginalized entrepreneurs through provision of financial literary and financing for creation and enhancing of businesses through financing under:

Green energy
Asset financing
Consumer loans

The institution is biased towards small-scale women entrepreneurs who are financially excluded by mainstream financial institutions. We are customer focused and believe in swift, efficient and effective credit solutions for our customers. The Company offers unsecured tailor made loan products designed to meet the needs of our target clients which includes small and medium entrepreneurs, employees, and the unbanked. The Company has leveraged on technology to enhance efficiency and excellent customer service with all our loans disbursed within a maximum of 2 hours upon application. Our customers get loans on their mobile and bank accounts within 2 hours of application through mobile technology.

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